Since 2006, the Long Term Strategy Group (LTSG) has brought interdisciplinary expertise to bear to diagnose trends and asymmetries that could affect the global balance of power over the next decade, primarily on behalf of the US Department of Defense. Our work is non-partisan and non-policy prescriptive.

We seek to advance US security by drawing on a wide variety of open sources from around the globe to improve our government’s understanding of how our rivals and other foreign interlocutors see the world and allocate their resources, based on their political systems, their historical experiences and lessons learned from them, and their material and technological endowments.

Our team over the years has included linguists, economists, US military officers, university professors, and other subject matter experts. Our current team and alumni have testified on numerous occasions before the US Congress on matters concerning national security, and have been published in outlets such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, National Interest, Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, and Parameters (US Army War College).